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1964 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa, Graham Hill in P261/5 on the approach the frighteningly fast Eau Rouge curves flashes by mechanic Dick Salmon is telling him to turn off the electric fuel pump that has been transferring fuel from a reserve tank to the main fuel tank. Or rather, that’s what it should have been doing, but it hadn't. Had the electric pump done all that was expected of it he would almost certainly have won the race and the World Championship of that year. Unfortunately not all the fuel had been transferred to the main tank and Graham ran out on the last lap when in the lead as was classified 5th. Race winner Jim Clark (Lotus) and second place Bruce McLaren (Cooper) both crossed the finish line with their cars almost out of fuel.

Dick Salmon was part of the BRM Team for 17 years and at the end of 2006 his memoirs of those times were published in a book called ‘BRM A Mechanics Tale’ in which he tells the story of someone at the forefront of the team's activities, from the difficulties in the early years with the 1.5-litre V16 to the success of becoming World Champions.

Adapted from an original text by Peter Putterill for Bourne Civic Society.

1964 Belgian Grand Prix - You can’t mean that!

Photo: supplied by LAT